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Low volume Manufacturing

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting Manufacturing Company
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Vacuum Casting

1. Speed & Low Volumes Manufacturing

Vacuum casting is a simple and quick process to produce small batch items with high quality prototypes, each silicone mold can duplicate 25x times.

2. Complex Shape & High Quality of Details

Urethane casting process is good choice for parts with complex shape, the silicone moulding give an optimal result on sharp corner and thin wall.

3. Versatility - Functional & Esthetic Parts

Vacuum casting allows reproduice any kind of parts, material with large range of properties, finishing, parts sizes help you to acheive any functional and esthetic parts.

4. Cost-Effective

Vacuum Casting is mainly used for on low volumes of production, each moulds are able to duplicate 20 to 40 parts, vacuum casting cost is very frendly and a great alternative to plastic injection molding.

Vacuum Casting Services
Urethane casting Complex Shape
Vacuum Casting Process
Vacuum Casting Cost
Upload CAD Files

Get Free Online Quote and & DFM feedback.

Tooling Cost & Overturns

Small cost compared to injection machine

  • Small tooling cost
  • Quick manufacturing
  • Master Model
  • Duplicate parts easily
  • 20-200 Batch production
  • Manufacture any product ideas

Manufacturing Any Parts

Any parts can be done with Vacuum Casting

  • Large parts
  • Complex Shape
  • Strong parts
  • Lightweight parts
  • Functional parts
  • up 10 Cast materials


Result with vacuum casting is similar as injection molding

  • Very high-quality parts
  • Multiple finishing & post processing
  • No Air bubbles
  • 3d printing Alternative
  • injection molding Alternative
  • Extensive Wall thickness

Rapid prototyping with vacuum casting

What is rapid prototyping ? Rapid prototyping means something like "Fast Star Rapid Prototype construction".  A collection of methods that use three-dimensional computer-aided design ( CAD) data to quickly manufacture a scale model of a physical component or assembly, also called rapid prototyper.

Rapid prototyping plastic parts that are manufactured with the vacuum casting process are characterized by a very high-quality prototypes with a great wall thickness and can be manufactured by using low volume silicone molding within very short production times.

Pre-series prototype as a market test

Precise prototyping

Fully Functional models

Design models and exhibition models

Small series for the first marketing

Precise surface finishing like overmolding

Integrated Manufacturing Service
A better way to
Manufacture in 2020

Instant Pricing & Lead Time

Upload your 3D Drawings files (stl, cad, step, iges, ...) of your plastic parts in our platform select the process, materials, and finishing and get your instant pricing.

Worldwide Delivery (UPS & DHL)

Great supplier for a great servicex, At industery our main goal is to scale the customer care, we aim for quality and speed and finish your prototype part ahead of your schedule and provide you fastest small series production service on the market. for that we use the best star rapid delivery company in the world UPS and DHL at our cost

Batch Manufacturing No Minimum Quantity

Manufacture a small quantity with the same result as injection machine each silicone mould can duplicate part 25-30 times a complex plastic parts with a very friendly tooling cost compared to heavy production.

Custom Plastic Fabrication

From prototype to production mini production runs, Industrery CO makes the process of production plastic very easy and worry-free. We are highly experienced in silicone molding to handle your job.

Quality Insurance

We guarantee your custom vacuum casting parts will reach your specifications.

Low-cost & Fast Prototyping

We are constantly monitoring our manufacturing partners to ensure the highest quality parts at low prices and competitive lead times.

Vacuum Casting FAQ

When should I choose vacuum casting
over others manufacturing process ?
Vacuum Casting is silicone-based molding perfectly fit for
plastic short run manufacturing which is a sweet spot between
3D printing (ex: rapid protoyping) and Injection Molding (ex: mass production).
What the life span of silicone mold and
Is the mold my exclusive property ?
Yes! The silicone mold your exclusive property and
will be used only uppon your request.
Common life span is about 20 to 35 times casted parts, but it's also depend on shape and complexity of the mold.
Which materials are suitable for making
transparent parts ?
Multiple type of material polyurethane plastic can be transparent
Depending on your application we can make the parts fully opaque, translucent or completely transparent.
I have issue with my CAD file,
can you help me to fix it ?
We usually don't modify customer's CAD files, but we do provide manufacturability feedback (DFM)
If you having an more deep trouble just, let us know we will schedule one call with our engineering team and workout your issues.
I have a very short deadline,
can you make it work ?
Sure! Just let us know the details and time frame we will produce your parts in high priority
I need a material specific grade,
can you supply it?
Sure, send us your complete requirement grade and / or material company that is suitable for your parts we will confirm that we are able to supply it.

Vacuum Casting Cost

Cost of silicone moulding compaired to others manufacturing process?
Vacuum casting is a great bridge between prototyping 1 to 5 units and large production (like injection molding) more than 200 units

The cost of vacuum casted parts will depend on many parameters like material, size, post processing and more.
Exemple of cost comparaison
Prototyping (3D printing / CNC Machining)

Tooling cost : 0 USD

Cost by units : 230 USD

Total : 15 * 230 = 3450 USD

Low volume manufacturing (Silicon molding / Urethane casting / Vacuum casting):

Tooling cost : 1000 USD

Cost by units : 35 USD

Total : 15 * 35 + 1000 = 1525 USD

Mass manufacturing (injection molding) :

Tooling cost : 4500 USD

Cost by units : 2.65 USD

Total : 15 * 2.65 + 4500 = 4539.75 USD


Acrylic-Like is a stiff, straightforward polyurethane plastic that simulates acrylic (PMMA). They serve for the creation of parts that require some component of see-however, for example, light lines, security screens, car back light.

Our expertise
in Manufacturing

Industery's platform provide simple & fast way to produce
high-quality parts every time.

A Grade

25 +

A Grade

11 +

Engineering Team

235 053 +

Parts Produced

Late prototyping stage

Cost effective way to produce 30 units for an early customer feedback, showroom, display.

Low-volume production

Small volume silicone manufacturing products up to 30-200 units by batch
Vacuum casting online quotation cad file stl file

High Quality Parts every time

We’ve manufactured over 235 053 plastic parts for our customer's for prototyping and early customer feedback applications

Standard tolerances for Vacuum Casting

Part size / dimensionToleranceAngularity
< 12’’ (300 mm)± .005’’ (0.125 mm)± 0.5°
< 24’’ (600 mm)± .010’’ (0.250 mm)± 1.0°
< 36’’ (900 mm)± 1/16’’ (0.400 mm)± 1.0°

Size limitations for Vacuum Casting

  • Requirement


  • Maximum part dimensions

    1900 x 900 x 750 mm

  • Minimum wall thickness

    0.75 mm (recommended wall thickness 1.5 mm)

  • Duplication quantities

    25-30 copies (depend complexity of the mold and casting materials)

Glossy paint

High gloss paint is known for being super shiny and light reflecting, this surface finish allow part to be an almost mirror-like look.

What do we do ?

Vacuum Casting Service

Industery's platform provide vacuum casting service (also named as Urethane Casting Service, Polyurethane Vacuum Casting Service or Cast Urethanes Service) fabrication online. With our wild range of manufacturer Industery offer a turnkey solution to run a small manufacture batch of large complex shape with high-quality based on your CAD designs and specific requirements such as color pigmentation and full line of finishing like this sandblasting, soft-touch, screen printing, overmolding and more to reach your expected aesthetic

After uploading your 3D files in our platform, we will provide you the quotation for vacuum casting process and the lead time, and take care of the rest including quality control we will take full responsibility of the final products manufacturing and delivery and keep you informed at every step of the casting process master model creation, silicone mold, duplication, and finishing. All of our production is certified ISO 9001 and we use quality raw materials.

How vacuum casting process work ?

Vacuum Casting Process

Low-volume production silicone mold manufacturing technique is a great alternative of injection molding for any part dimensions and ideally suited for low volume batch productions and good alternative to 3d printing. No matter your parts purpose, polyurethane casting is an affordable solution to launch a new product, showroom display, or you want to validate your design, usage, feeling, test samples, or for your crowdfunding campaigns, our team will be by your side to achieve your goal. Vacuum casting work by 4 simple steps :

Step 1 : The Master Model

Also called a master Model In most cases, it is produced parts using stereolithography and therefore follows the various stages of this manufacturing process. The part is cleaned, sanded and / or sanded according to the desired finish on the parts of the series.

Step 2 : The Tools

The master pattern is placed in a tool called casting box often made of wood or plastic parts and then liquid silicone is poured around it then, the casting box is heated until silicone is fully cured. A pause time is then necessary to allow the silicone molds to harden, then the wooden tools which surround the silicone are removed . The mold is cut into several parts following the pre-established parting lines and then the master pattern is gently removed.

Step 3: Duplication

The silicone mold is closed and is placed in a vacuum chamber for removing all the air entrapment. The casting resins is then carried out from vacuum chamber of vacuum casting machine, the parts are removed from the silicone mould and the process is done again for multiple dupliction.

Step 4: Suface Finishing (optional)

Vacuum casting process gives a smooth result out of the box, Post-processing is performed after molding as an optional process, It is often necessary to obtain a higth quality fully finished parts. Post processing that is often used are overmolding, soft-touch, glossy paint, transparent, Laser engraving, Screen printing, Tampography

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