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13 Reasons Why Hardware Startups Fail?

Hardware Startups Fail

We are human beings, and we learn from our mistakes. But how it sounds that you learn

from others' mistakes? We study the reasons for the failure of others so we can prevent ourselves from making those mistakes. If we talk about hardware

startups, many people, CEO, team members make the wrong decisions and make some mistakes. There are some solid reasons behind these mistakes because hardware

startups founded are hard to manage. The purpose of this content is to make you aware of some common mistakes most people make so that you can avoid these mistakes to save your investments

There are several reasons for the failure of hardware startups. These reasons fall into three main categories: technical, financial, and marketing. Here is a list of all the reasons for the failure of a hardware startup.

Technical Reasons Why Hardware Startups Fail

During the manufacturing and development process, many technical issues occur.

It depends on how complicated the hardware is. The more complicated device means the more challenging task to avoid mistakes.

IoT devices need a lot of time in the estimation of cost due to its latest technology. The latest technology used in IoT is in great demand as it includes simple home devices to room door locks to make our lives convenient.

If any single thing goes wrong, the whole investments are at risk.

Miscalculating Product Development

Product development is a complicated, expensive, and time-taking process in hardware and software plans.

Even big tech companies also invest their time to estimate cost and time to develop a new idea.

Hardware companies have to face challenges to get real-time product and design.

Some rare cases go well beyond our expectations. Engineers always have to work hard to meet unexpected challenges.

It is not easy to bring a new product with innovation in the market. The investors put in their investments to complete your mission.

Underestimating the complexity of mass-manufacturing

Entrepreneurs make a mistake by underestimating the complexity, time, and cost of the product from prototypes to mass manufacturing — the most important and perhaps the most forgotten step in launching a new product in the market.

Companies should focus on the development from an early stage and consider how to design a product.

Then it will be easy to manufacture a product.

This method is called Design-For-Manufacturing (DFM). It is advisable to practice DFM at the early stages so that your design will be more comfortable and less costly during scale manufacturing.

Poor Quality Testing / Bad Product

A company invests a lot of money and time to bring its products to the market.

Investors invest money in a hardware startup to get the products to the people.

All this hard work will waste if you deliver defective products to the customers. The popularity of your products will go down if you provide a product with broken parts.

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct quality testing off and on to control default products shipping.

Many businesses ruin just because of shipping the wrong products.

Requirements Creep

The most common mistakes that a company or entrepreneur does while designing their product are requirements creep. They want to make their product perfect, but they forget to put all possible features in the product.

The investors or venture capital invests money in your startup ideas and provides funding, but you must meet all the requirements.

It is necessary to estimate the financial limit for startup and then add features according to the budget.

Over Promising to Customers

Do not be over predictable to your customers until you have the product in your hands.

When you get to know that product is ready, don't rush to advertise on social media.

First, do high-quality testing and then gives ad to social media and other sources like on your company's website. If you make big promises and fail to deliver quality on time, you will lose users' trust.

It is also good to promote your device before it launches as many companies are doing through their websites' promotion. Keep your customers up-to-date about the shipping schedule and ship them high-quality devices.

Financial Reasons Why Hardware Startup Fails

Many entrepreneurs give up on startups by thinking that they do not have enough funding to invest in.

Funding is indeed a huge obstacle, and many entrepreneurs find investors to fund their startups. But sometimes, it is a blessing not to have much money.

Are you amazed at how?

Less funding will force you to make smart choices without the need of any funding from investors. It does not mean that you will not need money at all.

It means that you will need money in the initial stages of the development of hardware startups. These funding needs will lessen with smart decisions and real-time plannings.

Here are some common reasons why hardware startups fail.

Ran out of money

The most common thing in a startup is financial resources, but what if you face a financial crisis during the device. Companies have to face a financial crisis because they underestimate the development cost. In this case, the problem does not have the capital for project development but a low estimate of development cost.

Sometimes companies develop the wrong device that no one wants to buy, and when they do not have enough finance to make a new device.

So the problem is not a financial crisis but a wrong understanding of users' needs.

Here it would help if you had a reasonable estimate of development cost, not the investors.

Small Profit margins

Many entrepreneurs lose hope at the start of startups because the profit margin is small.

When there is a small number of devices, you will get a small profit margin.

As the demand increases, the manufacturing volume increases and cost per unit decreases. That means it takes time to get a considerable profit margin.

Even the companies experience low-profit margins at the start because of the small volume of manufacturing. Sometimes it becomes challenging for companies to survive in this condition, but companies use different technologies to promote the mission of the hardware startup.

Underestimated Production Cost

For hardware startups, the manufacturing cost is a crucial element to determine choosing a reliable partner manufacture is a crucial point.

It directly affects the margin of the startups. If there is any mistake in estimating production costs, your margins could decrease. If your margins are low, there are specific reasons for this.

Either you have underestimated the cost of production or overestimated how many people are willing to buy or both.

Another major disadvantage of underestimating production costs is an increase in inventory cost. Once companies set up manufacturing units, inventory costs constitute a significant disadvantage and decrease the profit margin.

Wrong Estimate Sale Price

Hardware companies may also face financial issues if they have the wrong estimate about the sale price.

It would be best if you reduced your manufacturing costs to level your profit margins. Most hardware startups fail due to a lack of sufficient profit margin.

It is necessary to collect all the information and data about hardware startup before starting it. Companies with low margins are difficult to move further towards sustainability.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is the biggest problem for hardware startups and the main reason for the failure of a hardware startup. Many manufacturers ask for some advance payment upfront with the remaining amount due before shipping.

It depends on how you work. If you directly sell your goods to the consumers through your website, you need to pay for those units to keep goods in inventory.

It depends on how fast you sell your goods, but it takes months to sell your goods.

If you are planning to sell your goods in retail stores, then you can wait for 30 to 90 days to get paid. In both situations, cash flow seems the biggest obstacle.

It means you must have sufficient funding for a hardware startup to keep your feet firm in the business world.

Marketing Reasons Why Hardware Startup Fails

Most hardware startup fails because companies spend a lot of finance on production and manufacturing, but they neglect the advertisement for the startup.

The marketing of hardware devices matters and companies can survive without its promotion. What other things will matter the most if companies do not get enough sales?

For a successful startup, it is necessary to get marketing services to experience more sales and substantial profit margins. Run a strong ads campaign through different software and double the margins.

Unaware of customer's needs

A simple reason why hardware startup fails is that they are unaware of the customer's needs.

Just because customers say that they will buy the product does not mean they will buy it.

This is the point where hardware startup faces difficulties. Sales feedback is necessary to get an idea about the demand of people. The most beneficial way for this is crowdfunding because people vote for the product by using actual money.

Neglect Building an Online Community

This is something you need to do as a first priority. As technology advances, we have many online platforms to build an online community.

We can increase our sales by sending an email to the relevant retailers and consumers.

You can work on social media apps to post stories about your goods. Online platforms grow your online community throughout the world. You can earn a considerable profit margin through the online community.

Delayed Sales Marketing

Communication is a great way to connect with people and increase sales.

Some entrepreneurs focus on the production of goods but neglect sales marketing. The sales will increase if the founders will focus on marketing techniques.

You can hire a co-founder with marketing experience to boost your sales. The combination of technical founder and marketing founder will work great with hardware startup.


I would highly recommend going through the content to prevent yourself from these mistakes.

Before startup, collect all the necessary information about do's and don'ts to succeed in this field.

We need to look at all the reasons why startups fail and then avoid these mistakes.

An investor invests his funding to make a project successful, and we should not waste his funding by doing silly things. Innovation is the key to access international markets.

A leader with co-founders is the best combination to run a successful business.Co-founders also view success stories, future aspects, device innovation, funding, venture capital, and employees to lead a business towards the new height of innovation.

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