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Manufacturing services: What is the difference between industrial and manufacturing?

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Wide Range of Hardware engineering is in demand

Entire industries are changing rapidly: New prototyping options, custom-fit components from 3D printers, onboard CPUs, full networking, crowdfunding and the key concept of hardware acceleration have given the global markets an unprecedented dynamic.

What are examples of manufacturing services?

The manufacturing services includes a number of industries:

• Circuit board assembly services

• Printed circuit board assembly industry

• Design manufacturing services

• Electronic components manufacturing services

• Electronics manufacturing and product development services

• Chemical, and mechanical etc.

What are the categories of manufacturing?

Project type

The needs are unique for project type companies and therefore not reproducible. The workshop is versatile and evolves according to orders. The productive material is simple and standard. In contrast, staff members have a high level of competence in their field. They must be able to adapt regularly to new challenges.

The risk of these SMEs is to consider that their flexibility, their adaptability is a competitive weapon, and that this justifies a certain form of disorganization ! The notion of continuous improvement is for them a vision of a large company, which is of course false. They too can work on their methods and analyze their problems.

Workshop type

We enter, with these companies, in the production in limited and specific series. The company is divided into specialized and homogeneous workshops.

Production is obtained by “batches ” following a chronological sequence of workstations on which the parts pass in a non-automatic way, but without going back.

The product creation phase can also be segmented into 2 phases:

• batch production of parts common to all items and storage of semi-finished items;

• to customize semi-finished items at the last moment.

Mass type

All companies which directly or indirectly supply the mass of consumers are concerned, from salads in sachets to automobiles. You will find automated large-series contract manufacturing services processes, standard components to reduce purchasing costs, formalized quality fabrication methods and very high fabrication rates.


It is generally characterized by a single raw material, by a continuous creation of a set of related items. The return is induced by the initial investment. The operation of the supply chain unit is often fully automated. Examples: chemicals, petroleum, cement, dairy, steel industry ...


It is characterized by a unique product. It is the original response to a specific need without an exact subsequent remanufacturing of the same model. Each order covers a long period and leads to the resolution of new difficulties. Examples: public works, shipbuilding, atomic power station, turnkey factory ...


It is characterized by various consumer products launched in large series. The emphasis is on high productivity. It uses highly standardized components. Examples: automobiles, household appliances, clothing, fast food, prefabrication (building) ...


It is characterized by multiple products launched in contract manufacturing batches. The production is organized in such a way as to meet the orders with great flexibility. They nevertheless consist of standardized components or manufactured to order. These are generally high added value products. Examples: machine tools, avionics, mechanical constructions service ...

There are many other ways to categorize and learn the types of electronic manufacturing services. In particular, we often distinguish on the one hand, continuous production(flow shop) carried out on specialized fabrication lines, on the other hand, discontinuous manufacturing (job shop), in manufacturing islands or workshops arranged in homogeneous sections. .

What is the difference between industrial and manufacturing?

Generally speaking, manufacturing is the transformation of resources facilities belonging to a productive system and leading to the creation of goods and services. The industrial production services provides a vast area because it involves all electronics manufacturing indicators in the entire industry. Whereas, manufacturing services only concerns products that come from manufacturing industries.

The specificities of industrial electronic manufacturing services

The industrial production is a statistical indicator for measuring changes in the quantities produced in the industry. They concern all industrial activities, which are all economic activities linked to industries. The creation of the primary and tertiary sectors is not taken into account in its calculation. In industrial manufacturing services , the analysis concerns the secondary sector, including factories, construction sites, mines and quarries. The result represents the entire manufacturing and construction industry at all levels of the manufacturing process. This industrial manufacturing is calculated in the form of an “index”.

Points differentiating manufacturing

The quality brand creation output represents items that are generated by the branch of the specialized in the installation and maintenance of industrial equipment, and processing of goods. It then concerns the manufacturing industries in its own name, but also the repair and installation of industrial equipment with subcontracted operations for a third party ordering party. The notion of product creation technologies implies a material transformation. Despite the decline in industrialization over the past thirty years, the value added services manufacturing has almost doubled in volume.

Their striking difference in the secondary sector

There is a big difference in the area of intervention of the indicators. When we talk about industrial manufacturing services, we already think of some huge things. The scope covers all industrial sectors. that includes:

  • Global electronics assembly service
  • Quality testing engineering facilities

However, when we refer to fabrication, what comes to mind first is that it is not a subset of the secondary sector. The terms that come up most often in this case is the processing businesses, etc.

The construction sector, for example, is not included in the manufacturing solutions indices. The industrial product making technologies is not necessarily dependent on technology manufacturing company and vice versa. If brand creation testing output falls in the economy, other industrial activities do not automatically follow this trend. The weight of industrial resources is significant on the economy.

What is an example of a manufacturer?

A product of original manufactured equipment is produced according to the buyer's search criteria. All products whose dimensions, material, functions and design have been chosen are considered OEM product.

Some consider these products to be completely based on the buyer's criteria and others as a modified original factory design product, however small the modification.

In common sense, OEM product is that requires the making of tooling (injection molds) before starting manufacturing.

What is an ODM product?

An original design manufacture product is based on the design of a manufacturer, this product can be the result of the search work of a supplier or a counterfeit product of another brand.

ODM product, often referred to as “private label products”, and the buyer can put their logo there if they want.

Being a professional hardware tooling company, it is mandatory to learn contemporary technology and cutting edge electronics solutions. pre-design brand solutions will not only improve supply chain, but also provides an assistance in crafting expert service.

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