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Applications and Benefits of IoT Projects

iot projects

Decades ago, controlling electronic devices over the internet seemed impossible, but the internet of things (IoT) made it possible. Over the last few decades, IoT project ideas have improved many aspects of our life; we can drive anywhere without driving a car and turn on an air conditioner (AC) without being at home, and even operating entire manufacturing units from another city. IoT technology is integrating with more and more industries with time. It is expected that by the year 2020, the number of active IoT devices (other than mobile and laptops) will exceed 29.7 million. According to reports, the IoT projects footprint will cross $1.2 trillion in the early 2020s and lie between $3.9-11.1 trillion in the mid of 2020s. Since machine learning, smart system, and data science are driving further innovation in IoT based technology; we can expect a lot more in the future

IoT in Manufacturing Industry

IoT project has revolutionized the manufacturing industry for both manufacturers and consumers. It helps monitor and control manufacturing equipment over long distances that help boost manufacturing processes. As a result, the internet of things (IoT) automates entire units. IoT-based smart systems can be established by shifting the industry's computational resources online. It makes the control systems accessible in real-time through a web server, hence offering remote control of the industry. IoT-based smart systems are already operational in several industries, including telecommunications, power generation, oil, and gas. A system using IoT can be established in almost every industry, even on existing traditional equipment, with the help of an IoT project's platform.

Apart from automating equipment, IoT based smart systems also help reduce Maintainance time to 60%. The IoT project ideas and applications in the industry are equipped with multiple sensor or energy meter that consistently monitor and update telemetries, launch notifications if a potential hazard is expected to occur, and even take autonomous precautionary measures. Consequently, the IoT based smart systems lower maintenance need and cost. Moreover, it also monitors the performance of units, hence assuring the quality of manufactured products. Evidently, the use of projects IoT technology is rising with time, and consequently, IoT projects will soon disrupt many traditional technologies.

Top 7 Internet of Things' Projects in 2020

Internet of things based technologies are not limited to just industrial processes; they are applicable almost everywhere, including our homes. Moreover, the system using IoT can be developed at home using Arduino, raspberry pi IoT, wifi module, and actuators. The following are some IoT project ideas that you should know about.

Home Automation System

Although home automation is old technology and it has been in use for a long time. But the internet of things (IoT) based home automation systems are still emerging and remain uncommon in many regions. The traditional Bluetooth based home automation system had several limitations, especially regarding its operational range. In contrast, the internet of things (IoT) based systems have no range limit until the devices at both ends are connected to the internet.

A typical home automation system is a simple IoT project capable of connecting home appliances with the internet through a wifi module. An online web-based or mobile application controls the appliances through a laptop or a mobile phone. Other project ideas for home automation systems using IoT can control lights, fans, cooking appliances, and even garage doors with a simple wi fi connection. Home automation can be easily manufactured using a Rasberry Pi or an Arduino. However, controlling a smart garage door using an IoT project requires extra mechanical actuators for controlling the doors. Home automation using raspberry pi projects coupled with smart systems like machine learning and other IoT project platforms also offer smart alarm clock features. The smart alarm clock can autonomously initiate operations such as turning on the lights as per the programmed time.

Advance home automation using Arduino UNO, Rasberry pi, wi-fi, and cloud computing can regulate energy flow with respect to the building's energy management system. It regulates the energy bills and auto protects the circuit from overloading and potential hazards. Such IoT Smart home save cost over reduced electric bills and experience a safe environment. Apart from that, a smart home iot based system is also equipped with a facial recognition door to avoid unauthorized access and launch intruder alerts.

Smart Parking System

Parking problems are rising with the rise in traffic but projects IoT based smart systems can solve parking problems too. Finding a free space in large-scale crowded parking can be hectic, but parking problems can be solved with an IoT project. A smart parking system is an IoT project equipped with multiple sensor that is connecting to parking spaces. The systems consistently check the occupancy of each space and accordingly finds parking space. A graphical user interface (GUI), usually a mobile application, guides the drivers with real-time data about the route to vacant spaces. This simple smart IoT project can help save a huge amount. According to a report, on average, annually, every US driver wastes nearly $345 in terms of fuel while roam in parking, looking for free space.

Liquid-level Monitoring System

As the name suggests, a liquid-level monitoring system using raspberry pi ioT and Arduino boards is an IoT project designed to regulate the level of liquid in a container. This smart and low-cost system is most commonly used in industries where a fluid level has to be controlled. The tanks are equipped with fluid level sensor, and IoT based system controls, that gather data and monitor the level as per the instructions passed through the internet cloud computing.

Liquid level monitoring system using a raspberry pi based, Arduino, or any other smart IoT platform is common in almost all manufacturing industries, but it is most commonly used in industries where the levels are toxic liquids data are monitored without the interference of a human operator. Such IoT based projects help to monitor data and maintain human safety without affecting the efficiency of the industry.

Weather Reporting System

Just a liquid level monitoring system, IoT based weather reporting systems are capable of analyzing weather constraints and updating through the internet. These systems are commonly used in remote areas where manual sampling is impractical. But such internet of things (IoT) based projects help achieve the goal with low cost and human involvement.

IoT based weather reporting system is commonly used in forests, seas, and deserts. It is equipped with multiple sensors, especially a temperature sensor, works as a temperature-humidity monitoring system, fetches the smart data, and shares on its web server using the internet. This IoT based system not only helps with the weather forecast, but it also works as an IoT based air pollution monitoring system. The sensors installed on the equipment update the pollution level in a region, and accordingly, necessary actions are taken. In some cases, similar IoT projects are used as a temperature monitoring system in an industrial process where temperature-sensitive activities have to be regulated.

Smart ioT on Agriculture System

The internet of things is useful in agriculture too. The traditional irrigation system is operated manually, which requires labor and consumes time. But with the internet of things multiple projects using Arduino or any other IoT platform, the irrigation system can be automated for a very low cost; the soil moisture can be monitored with its help. Accordingly, irrigation system efficiency is enhanced. Moreover, advanced systems are equipped with smart robots that analyze data and capable of smart monitor and spraying fertilizer in large agriculture fields.

Health Monitoring System

The traditional health monitoring systems were limited to just reading cardio and pulse signals of patients over a limited range inside a building, but today, IoT projects have advanced to a greater level. The IoT-based health monitoring data systems can read several health constraints over the internet in real-time and share with doctors thousands of miles away. This internet of things based monitoring system using raspberry pi, using Arduino, or any other IoT platform has enabled the doctors to help patients without physically checking them. Some advanced health monitoring systems are even designed to launch alarms in case of health emergencies so that an expert can physically examine the patient.

Internet of things or IoT smart sensor is now converting health monitoring systems to an advanced form; the latest health monitoring systems are now capable of remote surgeries. The latest IoT-based intelligent systems can create a 3D model of the human body that experts can remotely assess the data for detailed checkups. Moreover, health systems are evolving with time; doctors can now perform remote surgeries with robots' help. Such projects coupled with our level of data science will help improve human health like never before.

Traffic Management System

The IoT based traffic management systems are the future. Autonomous electric vehicles (EV) are already operational; cars can self-drive to any location using the IoT project based mapping system. But this is not all, recently 5G able to share data faster has launched in some countries multiple new project ideas are coming over like the vehicle to vehicle (V2V) or vehicle to everything (V2X) data sharing and data monitoring is close to becoming a reality. Soon, cars will be connected to the street light, other vehicles, cellphones, garage door, and even traffic signals. The street light will also monitor the activity and auto-switch according to the traffic movements and save energy.

Similarly, the projects IoT-based traffic management system or energy meter with sensor will connect vehicles with almost everything on the road and the surrounding; making it smart traffic management. This web of connections will drastically improve traffic in cities. Moreover, it will also help to monitor anti-theft using the sensor as the vehicles will remain connected and sharing data with the internet all the time.

What Else Can We Expect From the Internet of Things?

Ever since the IoT has been developed and deployed in some countries, it has significantly disrupted many traditional technologies. But there is a lot more than we can expect in the upcoming years. IoT combined with 5G will bring a greater revolution in almost every sector. The IoT will expand the control of electronics to an extent that almost every device will be connected with the network. The users will be able to access anything from any corner of the world without any speed limitations.

IoT has already gained the attention of governments and organizations. It is expected that by the end of 2020, over twenty billion electronic devices will be connected to the internet through IoT. By the mid-2030s, the economic impact of IoT will cross $12 trillion. In the future, IoT is going to integrate will almost everything around us and surely, it will improve human life.

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